Thursday, February 9

Just Three More Years

My brother, Duncan, was a better parent than I was. Even though he had no children of his own, he knew exactly what I was doing wrong, and he always  had some advice (or judgement) to pass along.

Duncan once said to me, "Who is in charge, you or the three year old?!". He thought I was kidding when I said "The three year old". He started into his holier than thou, boring old rant. You know the one. It begins with "When I have children of my own...".

I nod my head, suppress my smile, and look like I give a damn about the Parenting for Dummies by Duncan lecture. I keep telling myself, "My day will come, my day will come".

And it did.


My brother had a baby girl of his own.

The baby is tiny, and beautiful, and healthy, and perfect. Duncan is in love.

And I'm happy.

Because in three more years, I am going to say to my little brother "Who is in charge, you or the three year old?!". And he will want to punch me, and I will laugh and laugh and laugh!

Tuesday, February 7

Picture Perfect (Yeah, Not So Much)

I wanted some photos of Sarah. Nice ones. With her smiling. Sarah didn't feel so inclined...

This was the best I could do:

Although I do love:

I've decided the fault lies with the subject and not with the photographer.

Monday, February 6

My Last Sleep In Day Was January 3...2005

Friday: I wake the children up at 6:30am so they can have breakfast, get dressed, and be ready to catch the bus at 7:30am. Like every school day, they refuse to get up and cry "It's dark outside! It's still night time!"

Saturday: Bethie wakes up at 6:15am. She immediately wakes Katie up, and the two of them start rearranging the furniture in their room until I come in and yell at them to BE QUIET!!! At which point, Sarah wakes up, too.

Sunday: All three children are up by 6:10am. I demand to have more sleep, so they tip toe downstairs and feed each other icing and sprinkles until I come down and yell at them. Then they act shocked that I am angry they ate junk for breakfast. They, apparently, had no idea that this was unacceptable.

Monday: By 6:45am, I am losing my mind because they still won't get out of bed. I explain to the little darlings that if they can get up early on the weekend, then they can get up on time on the weekdays. The twins respond by rolling over towards the wall.

The only solution that I can think of is to put them to bed by 6:30pm. It'll be dark outside. Dark = sleeping...right????

Thursday, February 2

And Then There Was February

I've been busy. January just flew by, and it looks like February will follow suit. Between work and home and the minor concussion that I received after bouncing my head off the cement stairs, the entire month is a bit of a blur.

I did, however, manage to start working on some projects that I am interested in. First, I want my children to realise that there is a big wide world out there beyond Ottawa's city limits. Each month, I decided to teach them about a new country.

I thought it would be fun to start with Scotland. I hung up a map of the world with an arrow pointing to Ottawa, and another one pointing to Scotland. Then I wrote some words relating to Scotland (like heather and haggis) and stuck those to my Word Wall. I even coloured the Scottish flag and stuck that on the wall. The grand finale was a "Scottish Dinner" to celebrate Robbie Burns Day.

Yeah, turns out I suck:

Dan cheered everyone up by producing grilled cheese:

This month, we're learning about El Salvador. They're going to love it!

I also started the first bit of our Victory Garden (the children are obsessed with WW2). Although most of our vegetables will be started indoors in March, we planted some herbs because we were too excited (ummm, actually Dan was not the least bit excited...he just humours us!).

I discovered this today!

And last, but most stressful, Dan and I have lost our minds and bought fish.

We named our fish Bella, Shrimp, Kitzy Fishy, and Chirp. They are all still alive, so I'm pleased. But I don't particularly like Bella because she harasses the other fish and I spend a lot of time trying to get Bella away from the others. Because I have control issues. Sigh.