Saturday, October 27

One Trimester Down, Two to Go

My second trimester started on October 19th. Thus far, it is FAR better than the first. I'm still wicked tired, but I don't have morning/afternoon/evening sickness. I see the doctor in a month and should find out the sex of the baby before Christmas!

Tuesday, October 16

Health and Well Being

This pregnancy is so much harder than the last one, even though this time I'm only having one. It must be a sign of a boy!

On Friday, I will start my second trimester. This seems unbelievable to everyone except me. Coincedentally, I am the only willing myself to get through each day. Everyone else has a chance to forget about the pregnancy!

Friday, October 12

Thanks Dalton!

I finally have a doctor's appointment. It's Nov 29th! I will be 4 1/2 months pregnant. Lisa, my assistant, is 4 1/2 months pregnant right now. She has had numerous tests and an ultrasound. She has seen her doctor once a month for the last 4 months!

I shouldn't complain. Dalton has had an amazing effect on the health care system by reducing wait times and increasing access to doctors. It's true, he told me so! I'm super pleased that he got a majority government. Imagine all the good he can do now!

Everything I Know I've Learned From "Dora the Explorer"

We bought the children a Dora the Explorer Hallowe'en DVD. It has turned out to be amazing. They have picked up on "Trick or Treat" using imaginary candy (might be harder to part with the real thing) and pumpkin patches. Pumpkins are the girls' new passion. Good news is that they are going to a pumpkin patch on Monday with their Daddy!

Dora has also introduced the girls to the idea of costumes. Katie has a chicken costume which she is OBSESSED with. Whenever she sees it, she has to wear it - even if we are going out in public. Very cute to see a plump little chicken in a car seat!
The funniest time was when we actually bought the costumes. We tried the chicken outfit on Katie, and she wouldn't take it off. Then she took off down the mall with it on (before we paid for it!). I left Mum in the store to pay for the costumes and then chased Katie. The mall was packed. My little chicken didn't think she was getting enough attention running down the aisle in a chicken costume (in September), so she started shouting "GRANNY!GRANNY!GRANNY!". Complete strangers were laughing at us! Not a subtle little smile while they thought to themselves "Ohh, that's cute". It was full blown, laugh out loud, pointing and laughing!
The picture is of Katie in her costume. Sadly, the costume is on backwards (thanks Daddy!) - but you get the idea.

Wednesday, October 3

The Latest

I had an ultrasound a while back. We are having ONE baby. We are delighted. However, it looks like we will be having a home birth as I cannot find an OB/GYN.

At Death's Door

Sorry for the month off from posting. The girls have been sick. As a direct result, I have been too tired to do anything more than I had to. Anyway, the kidlings are on the mend and life is starting to improve.

Saturday, September 8

Just the Two of Us

Katie is on the left, Bethie is on the right.
It's hard to tell, but they are holding hands. It's even sweeter in person, especially because they do this without prompting.

Lovely Lovies

These are the key items that make my kids' hearts soar.

The Big Bird and fluffs are for Katie. The Pink Bear, Blue Bear, and Baby Pink Bear belong to Bethie.

Effective Discipline

The kids are at that age where discipline is happening a lot more frequently. The other night, the kids and I were eating dinner. Bethie was being difficult. She was trying to get out of her chair and screaming just to hear herself scream. I put her in "the corner" (about 3 feet away from Katie and me) and had her face the wall. She put her hands on the wall and said "Thank you, Mummy. Thank you, Mummy. Thank you, Mummy" over and over again until I said "You're welcome, Bethie". AHHHH! Meanwhile, Katie is at the table going crazy. She is crying "Katie in the corner!". I reassured her that she was being good and didn't have to go in the corner. This ticked her off! If Bethie got to go in the corner, then she should be allowed too! She spent the remainder of the dinner SCOWLING at me. This left me wishing that I had the power to discipline the kids half as well as they discipline me!

Tuesday, September 4

Are They For Me or For The Kids?

The girls got new Dora sneakers today. They are pink and white, with pictures of Dora and her sidekick, Boots, on them. The best part is that lights flicker when the girls walk! The girls loved them.... but when the shoes are on, they can't see Dora or the lights. Who designed these? The lights should be on the top of the shoes. The Dora emblem should be on the inside panel instead of the outside panel. I could see this immediately. Perhaps I should design shoes...

Monday, September 3

The Birthday Balloons

Emilie got the girls some balloons for their 2nd birthday. There was a giant Big Bird and a giant Cookie monster, a butterfly and a worm. One had Elmo singing Happy Birthday if you hit it, which delighted the girls. Last night, I got rid of the balloons but saved the device that played Happy Birthday. I thought Dan would be interested in it. I was wrong. I threw it out. Then Dan threw out the left over dinner. From the garbage can came Elmo singing Happy Birthday - twice! It ends with Elmo giving a little giggle. Dan snarled, "He's laughing at me".

Sunday, September 2

Goodnight, Sweetheart

Tonight, I was alone putting the twins to bed. Katie was done her bottle first (yup, still a bottle. Ever since I've decided to take the twins off their bottle, they have been asking for it). As I was about to take her to her crib, Bethie decided that she wanted a "little cuddle". I explained that I would put Katie to bed, then I would give Bethie her cuddle. This did not suit Bethie at all! Too bad. I started to take Katie to bed. Katie called out "Goodnight, Bethie". Bethie ignored her. I kept going. By the time I was about to lay Katie in her crib, I could hear Bethie shouting "Katie kiss! Katie kiss!". I said "Hurry up, Bethie!". Bethie raced up the stairs to Katie's crib. I suspended Bethie over Katie, and they had their kiss. Cute enough, eh? It got better! As she left Katie's room, Bethie said "Goodnight, Katie!". Katie replied "Goodnight, Sweetheart!".

Saturday, September 1

Katie's In Charge

I'm sure that at one point, Dan and I must have "ruled the roost". Not so much anymore. Katie is what we lovingly refer to as a "natural leader who has yet to master the gentle art of persuasion". Katie makes the rules. She does not tolerate insubordination, especially from us! She is quick to give Bethie instruction. For instance, she will shout out "Bethie COME!". Bethie is told which toys she may play with and which toys are forbidden for the moment. If Katie deems discipline necessary, she sends Bethie to the corner. Sometimes Bethie listens to Katie, sometimes she ignores her. Katie is the "little sister" after all!

And Counting....

Pregnant again. This time we're going to try doing it one at a time instead of in batches!