Sunday, September 2

Goodnight, Sweetheart

Tonight, I was alone putting the twins to bed. Katie was done her bottle first (yup, still a bottle. Ever since I've decided to take the twins off their bottle, they have been asking for it). As I was about to take her to her crib, Bethie decided that she wanted a "little cuddle". I explained that I would put Katie to bed, then I would give Bethie her cuddle. This did not suit Bethie at all! Too bad. I started to take Katie to bed. Katie called out "Goodnight, Bethie". Bethie ignored her. I kept going. By the time I was about to lay Katie in her crib, I could hear Bethie shouting "Katie kiss! Katie kiss!". I said "Hurry up, Bethie!". Bethie raced up the stairs to Katie's crib. I suspended Bethie over Katie, and they had their kiss. Cute enough, eh? It got better! As she left Katie's room, Bethie said "Goodnight, Katie!". Katie replied "Goodnight, Sweetheart!".