Saturday, March 31

Status Update

A busy month. Business trip to Halifax. A "summit", and various other-work related demands. March Break. The Experimental Farm. St. Patrick's Day Parade. The maple syrup farm. I've been in overdrive.

My New Year's Resolution was to teach the children about the world around them. Each month, we learn about other countries. So far, we've done Scotland, El Salvador, and China. Dan and I have not done a super job, but we've made an attempt.

Also, I have focused on teaching the children about farming. We have already started some cherry tomatoes, normal tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, strawberries, herbs, and pumpkins. I'm a little bit worried. I have lots growing and no where to plant these crops (I already have six flower gardens). I haven't even started the corn! I've decided to worry about that later...

The twinnies got their report cards the other day. I demanded an interview with the teacher, which surprised both Dan and the teacher. Turns out that most parents don't freak out when their children get straight As. Anyway, I went to the interview, and the teacher said that my children were at the top of the class. Brilliant in both language arts and math. Far beyond every other student with their general knowledge. And that they are bored. Perfect. I was just saying that I was running out of things to obsess about...

Oh. And I have one child who is eating weird things. Like the living room tables. And cords. And it's not the littlest child. Sigh.

Saturday, March 10


I'm loving the weather this "winter". Just today, I saw 17C in the forecast on the weather network.

In February, it was warm enough for the children to go "scootering".

In March, it was cold enough to build a snowman.

We'll probably be at the beach in April. Or we'll be moaning about a blizzard.