Friday, May 28

Water Baby

Sarah is far more brave than the twins were at the same age. Here she is in the hottub. All the adults were sitting on the deck. I was very proud of my baby!

Wednesday, May 26

Save The Children! Sign The Petition!

For my birthday, all I wanted was the day off from being the "on-duty" parent. I had no problem being "on-call", I just didn't want to be to "go to" parent. If one of the children wanted juice, they needed to ask their father. If the broke a leg, come see me.

Dan was happy to comply. When he woke up two hours after I got up with Sarah (apparently, he  gets to sleep-in on my birthday), he took over making the breakfast and getting everyone dressed. I went outside to work in my gardens.

Sarah came outside with me,too. She puttered about while I did my thing. For the first thirty minutes, everything was fine. But it was a hot day. Sarah got cranky and tired. She came up to me and said, "Sarah sleep! Nap". Well, it was 10am. I was not about to put her down for a nap. Instead, I told her to go in the house and cool off.

A little bit later, I went in. I was making icing, and Dan was sitting at the kitchen table mucking about on my computer. I told him to go into the living room and make sure Sarah was awake. Dan did as I requested. He didn't find Sarah sleeping. He didn't find her at all! He accused me of leaving her outside! When I reassured him that I didn't, we rushed upstairs in search of Sarah.

Our baby had closed her bedroom door, thrown herself over her crib rails onto the mattress, curled up with her "blankie", and gone to sleep. We don't know how long she had been there because we didn't notice her leaving!

When I say "we" didn't notice Sarah leaving, I mean "he" didn't notice! It was my day off from parenting. But, alas, I am a wireless laptop widow. If Dan's on my computer, he is oblivious to the world. And that is why I am starting a petition to ban him from my computer! For the sake of the children.

Tuesday, May 25


Yesterday was hot. Unusually hot. Since I was a child, I have kept a mental note of the weather every May 24th. Why? Because the 24th of May is my birthday. Growing up, every year my parents would plan a pool party for me. Every year it was too damn cold to be outside in a bathing suit, and way too cold to go swimming. But my parents were people of faith. They believed that if they were able to convince me and my friends to jump in the pool, the temperature would rise another 10 degrees. It never worked. As soon as I was old enough, I put an end to the birthday pool parties. However, yesterday was lovely. I kept thinking how wonderful it would have been to have had a pool party. Sigh. If only I were eight years old again.

I'm not eight though. I am significantly older. You would think that I keep track of how old I am, but I don't. Each year, I celebrate the anniversary of my 27th birthday. Good thinking, eh? Anyway, I calculated my correct age and was shocked. I whispered the number to Dan, who was equally amazed... and amused. He then had the audacity to write my true age in icing on the cake. Really! No worries, I snatched the icing from him and turned that ugly number into beautiful flowers. This pleased the girls.

Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of this cake. Dan spoiled it. Dad did take a picture, after I had added the flowers. If you must see it, ask him to email it to you. It was a lovely cake. A rich blue on the inside, pink icing, green flowers, and royal blue piping. I loved it.

Happy Birthday, to me!

Thursday, May 20

The 'Hood

I live in a crazy neighbourhood. I know this because I have had seemingly nothing to do for the past two years or so but to watch my neighbours. It's not a rough neighbourhood. Far from it. Almost everyone seems to be married with young children. Lots of stay-at-home mothers. But they are absolutely crazy. I have named them all, and I have a front row seat to watch all their antics.

I have a lot of laughs at my neighbours' expense. It is not unheard of for me to call Lisa and say, "I know it's dinner time and you're in the thick of things, but I gotta tell you what the Murdered Lady did!". And then we laugh and laugh.

Yesterday, Emilie (who is well aware of how amusing I find our neighbours) said that I was a bit "funny" myself. I know! I was shocked, too! I questioned her in great detail. I wanted concrete examples of my "funny" behaviour. Much to my horror, she provided me with them!

As Emilie rattled off a list of my (in her opinion) bizarre behaviour, I looked around my property. Perhaps she has a point. My backyard is better equipped than an amusement park. I painted my bench a rainbow of colours. The only thing stopping me from painting the garbage cans bright pink was Dan's refusal to haul pink cans to the end of the driveway every week. Everything I do seems to have a long, complicated story behind it. Like a comedic sketch. Like being in line behind a guy who is buying multiple items, but has no arms, nor does he have a way of transporting these items. Yup, that happened today. Or going 'round and 'round and 'round in a Round-About, not because I can't drive, but because Big Sarah is getting directions via the phone from Kevin, but becomes engrossed in some other conversation. Things like this me.

I have to disagree with Emilie. Crazy seems to have infected our neighbourhood, yet it has bypassed my home. To me, standing half dressed on your front step during the winter, and heaving your garbage to the curb, and having it bounce several times before it explodes, is "funny". Being nine months pregnant and deciding that you, personally, are going to build a fence, that's funny, too. Shovelling a path from your front door to the curb where you have a cab come to collect you, and then disappearing for six months  is downright crazy! Littering your gardens with dwarfs is "fun". Painting your front door purple is simply adding a focal point. Watering your lawn in your pyjamas is own damn business! Why can't my neighbours find something better to do than to watch and critique me!

Wednesday, May 19

Who Are You?

I have identical twins. I understand that they may look identical to other people, especially when they are running around, but they don't look identical to me. Once in a while, I make a mistake, but those times are few and far between. My biggest problem is that I have trouble remembering names, even those of my children. So if I am yelling at Katie, 6 different names will come out before I shout "Katie". I know who she is, I just can't remember her name.

The twins realize that they look similar. They enjoy it. They think it's funny that people can't tell them apart when it's clear as day to them. Their new thing is to intentionally try to trick people. Katie pretends to be Bethie, and Bethie pretends to be Katie. It works. They definitely trick people. But they don't deceive me.

This is where it becomes complicated. When they are trying to trick me, they get really angry if I correctly identify them. So I have to call them by the other girl's name. Really. Not only do I have to remember their names, but I have to remember to call them by their sibling's name. Why do they feel the need to mess with their poor mother's brain? Particularly because it's their fault that my brain has turned to mush. I swear that I was clever before I was pregnant with the twins! By the time they are through with me, I will be absolutely clueless. Perhaps, that is their plan! Until then, I will muddle through and call them both "Sarah".

Tuesday, May 18

Killing Cinderella

I have started to give the twins more responsibility around the house. I would like to say that I have carefully thought out this new stage in our lives, that I took their skills and abilities into consideration while presenting them with age-appropriate chores that I consistently enforce. But that would be a lie.

Truthfully, I run around this house like Cinderella cooking, cleaning, wiping, and tidying. I do this all day long, every single day. The house never gets cleaner because I live with four hurricanes (yes, I have included Dan, despite the fact that he participates in cleaning). As I finish cleaning up the kitchen, Hurricane Katie will have created a "nest" in the living room made out of various items. Hurricane Bethie will have gone upstairs to look for treasures (aka junk) to bring downstairs to add to Katie's nest. Wee Sarah walks and drops. She leaves a trail of rubble behind her. I walk into the living room and lose my mind!

I yell. Loudly. I tell the children that they are killing me slowly! I can't possible keep up! I need some help! Three little faces look up at me like I've asked them to tap dance on the ceiling. Then they go back to whatever they were destroying. I demand that they pick up their toys. The twins cry and shout back, "We're not Cinderella!". Ummmm....obviously not! I'm Cinderella!

The other night, I cracked. I was too tired to yell. As I watched my family enjoy their ice cream and participate in pleasant conversation, I plotted my attack. I went to the front door and picked up the Christmas lights that Dan promised to put away months ago. I picked up several toys. Then I threw everything out. Dan went berserk. He said, "If you throw those lights out, I won't buy any more". Really? Because I absolutely love having the lights up until March and then on my front step until May. What on Earth would we talk about next year if we didn't have me saying "Please put the lights away" followed by Dan's response of "Later"? I'm willing to find out.

The children didn't like having their toys thrown out. I put the timer on the microwave and said that they had three minutes to clean up or everything gets tossed. They finished their ice cream before they started cleaning. I can't even begin to tell you how much that annoyed me. It was their way of saying "Later". AHHHH! But everyone did clean up. Everyone, except for me. I felt slightly better.

The victory was short-lived. I am still Cinderella. One day, I aspire to be Snow White. Eventually, the dwarfs appreciated her efforts!

Monday, May 17


Weird, I know. This is what the girls do when left unattended near the change table. Sarah seems to be as confused as I was!

P.S. The mess on the floor was a result of the children systematically destroying the bathroom.

Sunday, May 16


It finally happened. I wasn't sure that it ever would, but Mum and Dad came through. They got me my very first laptop computer for my birthday. I am thrilled. As I type this, I am sitting on my couch (in the living room), watching the season finale of Survivor and messing about on my laptop!!!

When the technician came over this morning with my laptop, the first thing I did was explain to the children that the computer was mine and that they weren't ever to use it. Then I explained the same rules to Dan. However, I added that when I'm on the computer, I am not to be disturbed. So far, all four of them seem to be struggling with the rules.

Dan has been talking to me almost non-stop because I'm sitting beside him. I have no idea what he's saying because I'm too busy surfing the web. The kids have been worse. They have dominated the laptop during their waking hours. They seem to think that the sole purpose of my laptop is to play clips of a singing/dancing hippo from YouTube. 

Exhibt A:

But right now, I have the laptop, and I'm in HEAVEN!

Friday, May 14

Tulip Festival

Yesterday, Dan and I took the kids to the Tulip Festival. It was loads of fun. The twins, as always, were a hit with most of the other people at the festival. So much so, that people were taking pictures of my kids. We're used to this. Apparently, so are the twins. By the time we were ready to leave, Bethie was actively seeking out anyone who had a camera and jumping in their shot. Why do I have such embarrassing children?!

Anyway, I never email everyone I'm supposed to with pictures. I give up. Here's the link: Pictures at the Tulip Festival


Wednesday, May 12


I don't let the twins decide very much on their own. They aren't known for their fine decision-making abilities. I decide everything. This suits me just fine. It doesn't suit Bethie at all.

When Lisa found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl, Bethie decided that the girl should be named Belle. Belle is her favourite princess. But Bethie realised that this wouldn't sway any adult into naming a child Belle. So when asked, she pointed out that the name of the baby's father is Mauricio. The name of Princess Belle's father is Maurice. Therefore, Lisa should name her baby Belle.  Mauricio enjoyed being "the father of a princess" and agreed to name the baby Belle. Lisa and I were floored. I wondered (out loud, as is my nature) what other life decisions he would like my four year old to make for him!

Last week, Lisa's wee princess arrived. Here is a photo of Bella.

However, we now have to call her "Belle Jasmine" because Katie's favourite princess is Jasmine. Lisa was kind enough to go with it...unofficially, of course!

Tuesday, May 11


As promised, here is a photo of Sarah's birthday cake. Yup, not quite up to par, but she liked it.

Dan and the twins made me a Mother's Day cake. The icing didn't work out as he had planned. When trying to figure out what Dan had done wrong, he informed me that he folowed the recipe exactly. Exactly? Yup, he actually measured all the ingredients. Who does that?! I don't. Maybe that's why I make the best icing that anyone has ever had! Anyway, the cake was lovely. I especially love the black hearts!

Tuesday, May 4

The World According To Dan

The other day, Katie yelled at Dan. This did not go over well with Dan. He felt compelled to explain the "ways of the world" to my little girls. Here's what he said:

"You can only yell at people who are smaller than you. Daddy can yell at Mummy, Mummy can yell at the twins, and the twins can yell at Sarah. You can't yell 'up'."

Weird, I know.

However, it must be incredibly frustrating for him. He has such strong beliefs about how things should be, and these beliefs are consistently ignored. I told him that if his "beliefs" didn't crack me up so much (and if they had an ounce of common sense), I might actually take them into consideration. Until then, we roll our eyes and keep doing everything our way!

Monday, May 3

The Birthday

Saturday was Sarah's 2nd birthday. The twins and I had baked her an "In The Night Garden" cake. Basically, it was a green cake (the "garden" - I'll post a picture of it later) with Sarah's "In The Night Garden" toys stuck on top (much to her confusion). We all sang Happy Birthday and she watched as the twins "taught" her how to blow out the candles. She loved it!

The day had started off pretty shaking (with Sarah throwing up in the twins' closet), but it turned out to be wonderful. Mum came over and joined the five of us for lunch. Sarah watched the twins open her presents. Bethie gave her a flashlight that looks like a hippo. Katie gave her an "In The Night Garden" book. Dan and I gave her an umbrella and a little pool. Mum gave her a lawn mower that blows bubbles. She was thrilled with everything!

On Sunday, Dad came over for more birthday celebrations. He even brought another cake (the kids got the weekend off from their no sugar and no white flower diet)! Much to Sarah's delight, he gave her a little battery operated car that she can drive around the yard. Sarah is very serious while driving, and unconcerned with the amount crashing involved!

A very good day!

P.S. Thank you everyone who called! It was so kind of you to think of us and of our littlest one!