Sunday, May 16


It finally happened. I wasn't sure that it ever would, but Mum and Dad came through. They got me my very first laptop computer for my birthday. I am thrilled. As I type this, I am sitting on my couch (in the living room), watching the season finale of Survivor and messing about on my laptop!!!

When the technician came over this morning with my laptop, the first thing I did was explain to the children that the computer was mine and that they weren't ever to use it. Then I explained the same rules to Dan. However, I added that when I'm on the computer, I am not to be disturbed. So far, all four of them seem to be struggling with the rules.

Dan has been talking to me almost non-stop because I'm sitting beside him. I have no idea what he's saying because I'm too busy surfing the web. The kids have been worse. They have dominated the laptop during their waking hours. They seem to think that the sole purpose of my laptop is to play clips of a singing/dancing hippo from YouTube. 

Exhibt A:

But right now, I have the laptop, and I'm in HEAVEN!

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Lara said...

Laptops ARE heaven. Enjoy. And happy almost birthday! :)