Wednesday, May 26

Save The Children! Sign The Petition!

For my birthday, all I wanted was the day off from being the "on-duty" parent. I had no problem being "on-call", I just didn't want to be to "go to" parent. If one of the children wanted juice, they needed to ask their father. If the broke a leg, come see me.

Dan was happy to comply. When he woke up two hours after I got up with Sarah (apparently, he  gets to sleep-in on my birthday), he took over making the breakfast and getting everyone dressed. I went outside to work in my gardens.

Sarah came outside with me,too. She puttered about while I did my thing. For the first thirty minutes, everything was fine. But it was a hot day. Sarah got cranky and tired. She came up to me and said, "Sarah sleep! Nap". Well, it was 10am. I was not about to put her down for a nap. Instead, I told her to go in the house and cool off.

A little bit later, I went in. I was making icing, and Dan was sitting at the kitchen table mucking about on my computer. I told him to go into the living room and make sure Sarah was awake. Dan did as I requested. He didn't find Sarah sleeping. He didn't find her at all! He accused me of leaving her outside! When I reassured him that I didn't, we rushed upstairs in search of Sarah.

Our baby had closed her bedroom door, thrown herself over her crib rails onto the mattress, curled up with her "blankie", and gone to sleep. We don't know how long she had been there because we didn't notice her leaving!

When I say "we" didn't notice Sarah leaving, I mean "he" didn't notice! It was my day off from parenting. But, alas, I am a wireless laptop widow. If Dan's on my computer, he is oblivious to the world. And that is why I am starting a petition to ban him from my computer! For the sake of the children.

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