Tuesday, May 25


Yesterday was hot. Unusually hot. Since I was a child, I have kept a mental note of the weather every May 24th. Why? Because the 24th of May is my birthday. Growing up, every year my parents would plan a pool party for me. Every year it was too damn cold to be outside in a bathing suit, and way too cold to go swimming. But my parents were people of faith. They believed that if they were able to convince me and my friends to jump in the pool, the temperature would rise another 10 degrees. It never worked. As soon as I was old enough, I put an end to the birthday pool parties. However, yesterday was lovely. I kept thinking how wonderful it would have been to have had a pool party. Sigh. If only I were eight years old again.

I'm not eight though. I am significantly older. You would think that I keep track of how old I am, but I don't. Each year, I celebrate the anniversary of my 27th birthday. Good thinking, eh? Anyway, I calculated my correct age and was shocked. I whispered the number to Dan, who was equally amazed... and amused. He then had the audacity to write my true age in icing on the cake. Really! No worries, I snatched the icing from him and turned that ugly number into beautiful flowers. This pleased the girls.

Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of this cake. Dan spoiled it. Dad did take a picture, after I had added the flowers. If you must see it, ask him to email it to you. It was a lovely cake. A rich blue on the inside, pink icing, green flowers, and royal blue piping. I loved it.

Happy Birthday, to me!


Lara said...

Happy birthday. I thought of you yesterday and how beautiful a day it was :)
Embrace the number! It's not so bad. Although, I have to admit I'm not super keen on next year being 35 for me. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you had such unreasonable parents that insisted on giving you a swimming pool and a party to go along with it! I don't know how you tolerated it or survived such a childhood!

Gwen said...

"Anonymous" is clearly Mum! She's a bit "sensitive". Mum, my childhood certainly was a struggle, considering I had to raise Duncan, too!

Gwen said...

Lara, thank you for the birthday wishes. I guess I have been complaining about the pool parties for a long time! I can't stop aging, but I can refrain from having my age shouted from the rooftops!