Monday, May 3

The Birthday

Saturday was Sarah's 2nd birthday. The twins and I had baked her an "In The Night Garden" cake. Basically, it was a green cake (the "garden" - I'll post a picture of it later) with Sarah's "In The Night Garden" toys stuck on top (much to her confusion). We all sang Happy Birthday and she watched as the twins "taught" her how to blow out the candles. She loved it!

The day had started off pretty shaking (with Sarah throwing up in the twins' closet), but it turned out to be wonderful. Mum came over and joined the five of us for lunch. Sarah watched the twins open her presents. Bethie gave her a flashlight that looks like a hippo. Katie gave her an "In The Night Garden" book. Dan and I gave her an umbrella and a little pool. Mum gave her a lawn mower that blows bubbles. She was thrilled with everything!

On Sunday, Dad came over for more birthday celebrations. He even brought another cake (the kids got the weekend off from their no sugar and no white flower diet)! Much to Sarah's delight, he gave her a little battery operated car that she can drive around the yard. Sarah is very serious while driving, and unconcerned with the amount crashing involved!

A very good day!

P.S. Thank you everyone who called! It was so kind of you to think of us and of our littlest one!

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