Wednesday, May 12


I don't let the twins decide very much on their own. They aren't known for their fine decision-making abilities. I decide everything. This suits me just fine. It doesn't suit Bethie at all.

When Lisa found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl, Bethie decided that the girl should be named Belle. Belle is her favourite princess. But Bethie realised that this wouldn't sway any adult into naming a child Belle. So when asked, she pointed out that the name of the baby's father is Mauricio. The name of Princess Belle's father is Maurice. Therefore, Lisa should name her baby Belle.  Mauricio enjoyed being "the father of a princess" and agreed to name the baby Belle. Lisa and I were floored. I wondered (out loud, as is my nature) what other life decisions he would like my four year old to make for him!

Last week, Lisa's wee princess arrived. Here is a photo of Bella.

However, we now have to call her "Belle Jasmine" because Katie's favourite princess is Jasmine. Lisa was kind enough to go with it...unofficially, of course!

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