Wednesday, May 19

Who Are You?

I have identical twins. I understand that they may look identical to other people, especially when they are running around, but they don't look identical to me. Once in a while, I make a mistake, but those times are few and far between. My biggest problem is that I have trouble remembering names, even those of my children. So if I am yelling at Katie, 6 different names will come out before I shout "Katie". I know who she is, I just can't remember her name.

The twins realize that they look similar. They enjoy it. They think it's funny that people can't tell them apart when it's clear as day to them. Their new thing is to intentionally try to trick people. Katie pretends to be Bethie, and Bethie pretends to be Katie. It works. They definitely trick people. But they don't deceive me.

This is where it becomes complicated. When they are trying to trick me, they get really angry if I correctly identify them. So I have to call them by the other girl's name. Really. Not only do I have to remember their names, but I have to remember to call them by their sibling's name. Why do they feel the need to mess with their poor mother's brain? Particularly because it's their fault that my brain has turned to mush. I swear that I was clever before I was pregnant with the twins! By the time they are through with me, I will be absolutely clueless. Perhaps, that is their plan! Until then, I will muddle through and call them both "Sarah".

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