Thursday, April 29


Sarah has a new game that she likes to play. She shouts, "Hide!" and we all must take cover. It sounds fun and cute and wonderful, but after 472 times in a row, hiding becomes tedious.

Today, Sarah was sitting on my lap having a cuddle. Without warning or reason, she shouted, "HIDE!". I grabbed her blankie and covered us both up. While under the blankie, I said, "Why are we hiding?". She looked very concerned, pointed out the window and whispered, "Dragon".

I felt so badly. My littlest one thought there were dragons preying on us. Unless we covered our heads, they would surely spot us, and gobble us up.  I held my baby and said, "Sarah, there are no dragons.". She said, "Oh". She seemed relieved. I felt wonderful knowing that I chased the idea of dragons away. That one sentence would make her feel protected and safe. Best of all, it would surely bring an end to this ridiculous game.

Then she screamed, "HIDE!". I knew that we were no longer hiding from dragons. I had cleared that up already. Now we seemed to be hiding for the sake of hiding. Or maybe we doing that all along.

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