Tuesday, April 6

The Baby Speaks

Sarah's speaking has improved drastically. Unfortunately, she has only really learned commands. She physically pushes us to where we keep the marshmellows and yells "Reach!". She stands in front of her swing and yells "Zoom!". She knows all the words for all the things she likes. She still calls both me and Dan "Mummy", and she refers to the twins as "Kate" and "Twin".

Sarah's favourite word is "No!". Her response to most questions is "No!", even if she means "Yes". This cracks me up. I have a series of questions that I enjoy asking:

"Do you want to go to sleep?"
"Do you want a cookie?"
"Do you love your Mummy?"

The other day, Dan asked Sarah a very important question of his own. He said, "Sarah, did you take the almost full box of Corn Pops up to the twins' room, and dump it out behind the rocking chair?". Sarah's response was, "No!". She lied.

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