Monday, April 12

Random Snaps

Here are a couple of snaps from the long days I spend with the children!

Katie, Roxanne, and Bethie coming home from the park.

Katie (left) and Bethie putting peanut butter on pinecones. We then suspended the pinecones from some trees. This drove the squirrels absolutley crazy (much to our amusement)!

Bethie and Katie placing peanuts for the squirrels to eat. They had great fun watching the rodents come and eat the peanuts. Dan and I pleased both the children and the squirrels by standing at our back door and tossing even more peanuts when the squirrels had run out! The whole time we were doing this, I told the children that this would never happen again!

Bethie, Sarah, and Katie blowing bubbles (their father's idea!)



Bethie, Katie, and Sarah

The End.

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