Thursday, April 1

A Walk In The Park

On Sunday, Mum and I took the twins for a bike ride at the Experimental Farm. The twins are "delicate" in nature, and did not enjoy the less than perfectly paved roads. They were also quite angry with me because the wind was blowing.  Regardless, I got a couple of snaps.

The twins "racing". Katie is in lead.

Bethie on her Princess bike.

Having given up (rather quickly) on the bike ride, we decided to walk around Dow's Lake.


Bethie (left) and Katie in search of the perfect spot to toss their pine cones in the water.

They found it!

Bethie (left) and Katie

Bethie (left) and Katie

Katie - demanding that I take her photo as she dances

Bethie and her pine cones

Katie and her pine cones

Bethie, Granny, and Katie

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