Friday, October 12

Everything I Know I've Learned From "Dora the Explorer"

We bought the children a Dora the Explorer Hallowe'en DVD. It has turned out to be amazing. They have picked up on "Trick or Treat" using imaginary candy (might be harder to part with the real thing) and pumpkin patches. Pumpkins are the girls' new passion. Good news is that they are going to a pumpkin patch on Monday with their Daddy!

Dora has also introduced the girls to the idea of costumes. Katie has a chicken costume which she is OBSESSED with. Whenever she sees it, she has to wear it - even if we are going out in public. Very cute to see a plump little chicken in a car seat!
The funniest time was when we actually bought the costumes. We tried the chicken outfit on Katie, and she wouldn't take it off. Then she took off down the mall with it on (before we paid for it!). I left Mum in the store to pay for the costumes and then chased Katie. The mall was packed. My little chicken didn't think she was getting enough attention running down the aisle in a chicken costume (in September), so she started shouting "GRANNY!GRANNY!GRANNY!". Complete strangers were laughing at us! Not a subtle little smile while they thought to themselves "Ohh, that's cute". It was full blown, laugh out loud, pointing and laughing!
The picture is of Katie in her costume. Sadly, the costume is on backwards (thanks Daddy!) - but you get the idea.


Bill said...

Katie is a sweetheart. Iona and I look forward to seeing those little chickens Bethie and Katie on Hallowe'en. Love!!

Coralie said...

Good words.