Sunday, January 8

Into The Future...

I'm afraid of dying.

Ever since Melissa died, I think of dying every day. I'm terrified that I will be hit by a truck...and vanish. Vanish from my children's lives, from their memories, from their hearts.

I worry about their lives without me in it.

I worry about them being "haunted" by my memory. What snapshots of me will they remember? What will they hold close? What will slip through their fingers? What will they be left with?

I'm scared that they will face hard times, that they will be on their knees, and I won't be there to help them up. I won't be there to catch their tears.  I won't be there to cheer their successes. I won't be there to hold their babies. And they will resent me, or God, or their father.

I'm "haunted" by my grandmother. There is so much that I don't know about her. So much that I will never know about her. Her favourite song. Her favourite place. What she thought about various things that happened in her life. Things that I never thought to ask her...

I sit in my cozy kitchen as I write this. The afternoon sun is pouring in. Music is on in the background. The children are playing happily in the living room. Everything is...nice. All I can think is that too soon this moment will be "a long time ago".

One day, my daughters will read this blog, hoping to gain insight into their lives, and into my life. I hope that they find what they are looking for. I hope they find evidence that I adore each of them. That they are the best things that ever happened to me. And that every day is made wonderful simply because I am able to be in their lives. And if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, I hope that I have imprinted their hearts sufficiently that they just know that my love for them doesn't stop when my heart does. It's forever.

P.S. Just for reference, my favourite song is "Baby Blue" by George Strait.


Zaida (DAD) said...

I want them, and you, to learn from me and remember me, not just with love,but with excitement about the person I am, the things I have done and the interests that I hope I have engendered about the wide variety of experiences presented throughout life.

Enough of this moroseness! Let's carpe diem and enjoy the best there is every day!

Mum said...

Wendy of course they will know how much you love them - it is ingrained in their little souls! Your fears and worries are every mothers' nightmare - that they will be gone and their precious babies will be alone. It is a common thought. However keep it in mind when you're picking up wet boots, snowsuits, towels, bathingsuits, all their toys, all their mess ... you'll be doing that FOREVER too! Can't dodge out early! Love you too :)