Friday, February 13

The Baby Saga

Bethie wants me to instruct mothers everywhere to return their babies to the baby store, which is next to the toy store (does she mean Babies R Us???). That way, we can go to the baby store and pick out another baby.

I think I may have figured out why Bethie wants another baby so badly. After her bath last night, she said that we need to get Grayson (my anonymous friend's 10 month old baby) and keep him at our house because there are no more babies left. I said if we took Grayson than his Mummy would be very sad. Bethie said that Ms. Anonymous was going to take Sarah. I asked her why Ms. Anonymous would do that. Bethie said "Because all of the ladies need 2 babies!".

I think that Bethie is a little bit confused as to why Sarah doesn't have a twin.


Zaida said...

Maybe you should ask them if they want baby Cory to come and live with them?

Lisa D said...

Baby Grayson now has 8 teeth, with more protruding through every day. One day with him, at the moment anyway, and the twins will be only more than happy to have only one little Sarah!