Tuesday, February 17

Use It Or Lose It

Some people expressed disappointment because of the way I ended the "strike" (for those of you who need a refresher, please refer to blogs "Day 8 of the Strike" and "Day 23 of the Strike"). Yesterday, I was reminded of the expression "He who laughs last, laughs loudest".

We had a couple who were interested in buying our spare crib come to our home. When they arrived, all of us (including my three children) went up to my bedroom. Bethie walked in and shouted with delight, "Daddy! You cleaned up Mummy's bedroom". She spread her arms out and twirled around, like Maria Von Trapp on the mountain tops in The Sound of Music, and said "Look everybody, Daddy cleaned up the bedroom! Doesn't it look nice?". Yup, I was super embarrassed!

The couple liked the crib and decided to buy it. As Dan was taking it apart, the woman asked if Dan's dresser was for sale. I told her it was. This caught Dan's attention. He expressed some concern and said, "I still need it!". To which I replied, "No you don't". Then I sold his one and only dresser. In the blink of an eye, Dan lost two of the three places where he stores his clothes: the crib and the dresser. If only I could sell the floor...!

I confess, I felt a little bit sorry for Dan as he emptied his clothes onto the bed and said rather pathetically "Where am I going to put my clothes now?". I replied "With the rest of them, on the floor!".

For those of you who may feel sorry for Dan (you must be a man!), we had purchased a bedroom set on Sunday and I was going to get rid of his dresser anyway. I had intended to wait 6-8 weeks until the new dresser was delivered, but Dan will muddle through.

A side note from Dan: He thought the name of this entry should have been titled "Use It And Lose It Anyway".

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