Wednesday, April 6

Road Hockey Warriors

The girls love playing road hockey. It has just as much violence as the NHL, but admission prices are far more reasonable. There is ample parking ... on the street. Because when you're 2 and 5 years old, road hockey must be played on the driveway.

Katie likes to be the goalie. She gets a good view of the action and, therefore, finds it to be a convenient location to call out orders.

Bethie mans the other net because she does what Katie tells her to do.

Sarah's job is to try to score on either net.

When Sarah's attempt at a goal is deflected, she starts yelling "You cheated!". Because it is clearly wrong for the goalie to try to defend her net.

Sarah finds it difficult to hit the ball.

She has been known to forsake her stick in favour of more "tried and true" methods. This does not upset either goalie.

The goalies don't seem too concerned that Sarah will score.

"One on one" action is fun for only one player. The other does her best to fight boredom.

In fact, that goalie eventually finds a way to continue playing without standing around being bored.

Eventually, the Zamboni comes to clean the ice. All players must get off the ice, stand to the side, and applaud the Zamboni driver.

If a player decides after the 15th time that the Zamboni has stopped the game that she doesn't want the ice cleaned, the Zamboni driver will proceed to chase that player while screaming at the photographer.

If the photographer says, "Just let her clean the ice. She'll be done in a second!", the player will crack the Zamboni driver across the side of her face with a hockey stick.

And that is how we know that the game has ended.


Alicia said...

Ouch! I love how the zamboni has to clean the ice haha.

Bibliomama said...

So Eve would have fit right in when she used to go out to play road hockey in her tinkerbell costume?

3LittleMonkeys said... the zamboni! I kept thinking about that poor red car....does it have any hockey "wounds"?

Gwen said...

Alicia: The zamboni cracked me up. I have never seen a zamboni during pick-up road hockey!

Bibliomama: YES! Tinkerbell would have been a hit!!! Kids are funny, eh?!

3LittleMonkeys: Thank you for the concern for my car (I simply LOVE my car). No, there are no "wounds". That would require the player to be able to not only hit the ball (which proved to be quite difficult), but to hit the ball with some sort of strength. It didn't happen. :)

Karen said...

Only in Canada....