Monday, April 4

Mr. Photography Goes To School

Bethie won an award at school. Again. The first award was for "Trying Her Best". This one was for her wonderful writing ability. Katie is ticked off. She's keeping score. No worries, she wrote a note to the teacher informing her that Bethie has had 2 awards and Katie has had no awards. She would like the teacher to rectify this situation. Sigh.

I sent Dan to the school to watch Bethie receive her award. I asked him to take some photos because I am soooo proud of my child and soooo disappointed that I had to miss the awards ceremony.

Here are the results:

It's my fault, I know. I shouldn't have asked him to take pictures. I just set myself up for disappointment.

There was one picture that was salvageable. Here is my baby accepting her award. I am very, very proud of her.


Bill said...

Iona and I are very proud of all the girls! Love.

Twins Squared said...

Sorry your pics didn't turn out! Maybe you should have your hubby video instead? Mine is the video man and I work the still camera.

That is hard about the awards. The first time they got school awards I was SO LUCKY that they each got a different award, even though they had 2 different teachers. So the teachers weren't trying to even the score, we just got lucky. Since then they kind of are taking turns with the awards.

Then last summer they did swim team for the first time. One of them, in addition to their participation trophy, got the Most Improved Trophy for her age group. It crushed the other one and ruined the moment of the one trophy she got. So hard. I continue to try to point out that they will each have different moments where one will get something and the other won't but that it will all even out in the end. But hard for a young child to see it that way.

Congrats to her for her award though!

Alicia said...

Hilarious. Yes, I think you set yourself up for this one :) And way to go Bethie!

Gwen said...

Dad: Thanks.

Twins Squared: Thanks for that comment, it makes me feel less crazy knowing that other twin parents face the same thing. Sometimes I'm told that I'm being overprotective when really I feel like it's a "twin thing".

Alicia: Yup, I'm a glutton for punishment. :)

Finola said...

At least you have one great photo! Lovely girl and congratulations!!