Monday, March 14

My Photography Goes Out With the Children

I confess: I take a lot of pictures, especially of my children. Because they're so damn cute:

I'm not a very good photographer, so I feel the need to take lots of photos hoping that I will end up with several good ones in the end. Also, we have a digital camera so I can erase the ones that really suck. No extra charge.

Lucky me, I married Mr. Photography. He doesn't need to waste lots of time taking pictures. Because he's so good, the first shot is typically the best shot, and it is the only shot he takes. Lucky, lucky me.

Dan took the children to see Disney On Ice. They were super excited. I was, too, because this was obviously an excellent occasion to take some snaps of the children. I charged the camera battery, cleared the memory stick, and gave the camera to Dan. Since I wasn't able to go too, I asked him to take lots of photos.

Dan came home and told me all the cute things that the children did. I was thrilled! I asked him how many photos his took. He replied, "Seventeen".

Seventeen?! Before the show started?

Nope. Just seventeen. In total.

I downloaded the camera. There were five pictures of the children:

Katie with her eyes CLOSED
Katie looking PAINED
The diaper bag and the twinnies
Sarah sucking her thumb
Dan's finger and a weird shot of Sarah
And then twelve shots like this:

A blurry image of Mickey and Minnie skating AWAY
Oh look, another blurry image of them ... but at least it's not their backside.
The ice, Goofy, and some legs
I have absolutely no idea
I was really upset. And disappointed. I wanted pictures of the children having a lovely time. I wasn't particularly interested in the skaters. I expressed all of these feelings to Dan, and I think he kind of felt badly.

The next day, the twinnies went to a birthday party at place that had lots of slides and tubes and fun things to do. Dan took them while I entertained Sarah. Know where this is heading, Ladies?

When Dan got home, I asked to see the photos from the birthday party.

Ta da:

HE DIDN'T TAKE ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Because the twins had been to this place TWO YEARS AGO and why on Earth would we need photos of a place that they've already been to?

Because, dear sweet Dan, I want pictures of THE CHILDREN and not of the gym. Because THEY LOOK DIFFERENT. And THEY WERE HAVING FUN. And ... JUST DO IT!

I think that from now on I should give him a quota.


Alicia said...

Good call with the quota. I think that's a fab idea!

Yabut said...

Well, at least Dan gets close enough so you can see their faces. The only time I get in a photo is when my hubby takes it, and he stands so far back the person in the photo could be anyone!

Twins Squared said...

The answer is because he's a man! My husband doesn't take good pics AND doesn't take them of the right thing most of the time.

Then again, we bought this new camera last summer and it's so fancy everything comes out blurry because I have no time to figure it out. I did better with a point and shoot!

Leanne (Ironic Mom) said...

I am laughing. I don't let my husband take any pictures. Which means I'm not in many. It's a win-win situation.

Love your post about this. Love how it's all blog fodder now, isn't it?


Gwen said...

Alicia: Dan is not loving the quota idea. :(

Yabut: LOL! I have seen photos like that!

Twins Squared: Ahhh! Go back to your old camera (and Fed Ex me the fancy one!)

Leanne: Almost everything Dan does is blog fodder lately. I have a wicked funny story to tell, but Dan won't let me. So he has become the center of my attention. Not a good thing! :)

Finola said...

Um, Gwen, He took three young children to Disney on Ice without you. He is a freaking hero!!! :)

Gwen said...

Finola: LOL! Yes, he is. Initially, I thought that I would have to go with the kids, but then Dan announced that HE would LIKE to take them. After I recovered from the shock, I very gracefully stepped aside so he could "enjoy" some "quality" time with the children! :)