Friday, March 18

X Marks The Spot

Almost everyday, Katie draws pictures of flowers for me. She does this to please me, to show me just how much she loves me. I think that's really sweet of her.

Yesterday, Katie came home from school and gave me this picture:

I told Katie that the flower was wonderful, and I said what a great job she had done, and how pleased I was, and how much I loved her.

Katie said, "Do you see the x?".

I hadn't. She had to point it out:

She said, "That's where I'm going to bury you". No exclamation mark. Just a statement of fact.

What a darling little girl, eh?

In my opinion, she's taking "Be Prepared" just a little too far!


Alicia said...


3LittleMonkeys said... least she planted a flower on your grave!

Bibliomama said...

That's so... sweet. And weird.

Another Sarah said...

Having been a thinking-outside-the-box kinda child myself, I'm compelled to ask: did anyone ask Katie if she meant like buried treasure not buried bodies? Lol

Nan | WrathOfMom said...

Start sleeping with one eye open.

Gwen said...

Jen: Yes, it was kind of my daughter to "plant" a flower on my grave!

Allison: Weird, and a little bit off-putting!

Another Sarah: Nope. She was pretty clear that she was going to bury ME.

Nan: LOL!!!!