Saturday, March 5

How To Get Children to Participate in Cleaning

Dan has took a week off from work to be home with us for March Break. During this week, he has been fixated on cleaning. I have been fixated on everything but cleaning. Mostly, Dan has been scrubbing the house, and I have been in charge of ensuring that our little hurricanes refrain from destroying the room he is currently working on. This has only been slightly successful. Why? Because I am happy when the children decide to bug Dan instead of bugging me!

The other day, Dan was cleaning the kitchen. The children started getting in the way. He called to me so I could offer assistance. Instead, I took pictures (I'm funny like that).

Dan said "Fine. Do you want to help me vacuum?". Bethie said "No, but I will RIDE the vacuum!". Big help, eh?

She yelled at Dan to "go faster". I laughed.

This was soooo much easier when they were little.
After I took about 200 photos, Dan said "Will you take the children NOW?". Ummm, no.


Yabut said...

Send him over here if he wants to get away from kids. Mine are grown and gone, but I've got lots of cleaning he could peace :)

Gwen said...

I would gladly send him over...but it comes with a warning. Dan does an excellent job cleaning, but he takes FOREVER. When he finally finishes, we all have to stand around telling him what a good job he's done. Weeks later, he still talks about it. So, if you can tolerate that, he's yours!

Leanne (Ironic Mom) said...

Hilarious. Riding the vacuum cleaner looks like fun, especially wearing a tiara. Something you could try after the kids go to bed! ;)

Gwen said...