Thursday, March 10


I have never participated in "Wordless Wednesday". I have too much to say.

Until I saw this:

Bethie got hungry, I guess.

Katie caught me off guard, too. She said, "Trevor says FU. And Jason says FU. Know what Ethan's favourite letters are? FU. Also, Ted on the bus says FU all the time!". I responded by saying, "Will you please stop saying FU because it's upsetting me!". So now, Katie only whispers it in my ear when she's ratting out her classmates.

And I am absolutely speechless.


Bill said...

With all this vulgarity in the media and everywhere, it's not surprising that the twins pick up some of this language. Just as long as they know it's wrong, That's the best you can do.

Gwen said...

You crack me up, Dad!

Bibliomama said...

My friend Patti knows a guy named William Fu. He gets to say F.U. every time he spells his last name.

Gwen said...

Katie would love that...does he have a 5 year old son???

Yabut said...

I remember my oldest son being late coming home from school when he was 6. I looked out the upstairs window and saw him coming, writing something in the snow with a big stick. When he got closer I saw what he was writing was the "F" word. I was shocked. I told him that wasn't nice and he wasn't to use that word again. For the rest of the week he kept testing us out by saying things like truck and duck to make sure those were still acceptable words.

Gwen said...

Yabut: Good of your son to ask for clarification! Swearing seems to be a "cultivated art" that requires LOTS of practice, or so Katie tells me! :)