Monday, January 24

Mr. Photography Goes To The Bahamas

Dan just came back from a week in the Bahamas. He went there because his brother was getting married. I stayed home. In the cold. With three children. All by myself. All I asked was that Dan take lots of pictures.

Dan was quite pleased to take pictures. You see, he thinks that I'm not a very good photographer. Yeah, I am (honestly!) shocked, too. My pictures certainly aren't the same quality as professionals, but they are awfully good. But Dan was determined to show me "how it's done". I said nothing because I knew full well that this would end with me laughing.

I picked Dan up at the airport and immediately asked him how many pictures he took. He had taken 467. I said "On the first day?". No, no. He took 467 of the entire trip. Wow. I was shocked. I take 400 pictures when I take the children to the park. Dan responded that he didn't need to take so many because he only takes good photos. Can you guess where I am going with this? Brace yourself, there's some stellar photography coming your way!

One: A snap of my father-in-law (he's wearing plaid) at the airport. Apparently, he was being really funny - hence the picture. I have no idea what he was doing, but I certainly laughed!

Two: My mother-in-law. The shutter didn't quite open. Dan noticed this, but didn't feel the need to take another photo. Mr. Photography doesn't needs do-overs!

Three: Another snap of my mother-in-law. She's in there, keep looking!

Four: The wedding bands. Simply love the detail. Dan doesn't know why I find this funny. He said "It was on auto-focus". Yeah, but it didn't work!

Five: The bridal couple. I asked Dan why he didn't use a flash. I was told, "It was sunny out. I didn't need a flash". Quite right. Who wanted to see their faces anyway?

Six: Ummm...the bride was brushing a hair off of her face. Did Dan take another photo of her when she was prepared? Nope. Re-takes are for wusses.

Seven: The first dance. What?! They were moving!!!!

 Eight: Dan broke his own rule. Because it was his brother's wedding. Because he really wanted a nice shot of his brother dancing with his new bride. So he (gasp!) took another picture. Ta da:

And I laughed. And laughed. And emailed my mother about 80 photos so she could laugh with me. And she did!

Then I cropped, re-touched, and did a hundred things to improve just one photo. So you could see how beautiful the bride looked on her wedding day.

Now, only 466 photos to go!


Ironic Mom said...

You so deserve a girls' weekend after staying home. It sounds like your DH is used to the old film cameras. I'm the photographer, too, in our family.

Very funny!

3LittleMonkeys said...

HAHA...that is too funny! What is with men thinking that they are great photographers?! My hubby always offers to take the pictures too, but when I go through them, there are no closeups! Everyone is so far away. Like, really, you couldn't use the zoom??!!

That is a great photo at the end, they look gorgeous. But, how did you get to be so lucky to stay at home?! Someone owes you big time!

Bibliomama said...

Oh that is SO enjoyable. My husband is in France -- for work, but I hear there is alpine skiing on the agenda. His big thing is trying to get artsy shots, so he often goes down on one knee and shoots upward -- you know what this does to women like me who are not small? I mean, in multiplying my chin alone it's a divorcable offense. Sheesh. Men.

Gwen said...

Ironic Mom: After reading your comment, I paused. Maybe the reason he only takes one shot is because he's used to film. After 30 seconds of thought, I have decided that, no, he's just lazy!

3 Little Monkeys: I know! Dan had pictures of people in the pool and I thought it was just a wide shot of the pool. Then he said "No, my parents are in there". After massive cropping, I was able to see them. The best bit was that when Dan had people take pictures of him using my camera, he would say "Don't worry about zooming in or framing, Gwen can fix it". Thanks, Danny.

Bibliomama: Umm... if skiing is on the agenda, the entire trip MUST be classified as a "vacation" and you, therefore, are entitled to time off! Dan does the "artsy" shots too. He's on par with Katie (who's 5).

Yabut said...

I'm beginning to believe that Dan never even peeks at your blog. ;)

Gwen said...

Yabut: LOL! Dan checks my blog every day. But he has an EXCELLENT sense of humour. Thank goodness!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Those are HILARIOUS! But great job on the last photo - the bride was beautiful!

Sallie said...

It's worth noting that Dan's family did NOT get a professional photographer for the wedding as they were counting on the skill of MR. PHOTOGRAPHER to capture the moment for all time!

Alicia said...

LOL! I think our Hubby's were in the same photography class. Don't even get me started on his lack of zoom sense.

Gwen said...

Megan: The bride is beautiful. I will tell her that you thought so. That will please her.

Mum: LOL! No, you are mistaken. Bob's friend is a crime scene they thought his experience would parle nicely into being their wedding photographer. Dan was the "just in case". You know, just in case there were no dead bodies to be photographed, Dan could step up to the plate. Which he did. But "the plate" is out of focus, poorly lit, and so far away that you can't see it!

Alicia: Zooms are for wusses, and amateurs. :)

Finola said...

So so funny :)