Sunday, January 23

The Tired, Old Hag

A two-pronged attack on my sanity.

First: After school on Friday, the twinnies were telling me that they had a supply teacher that day, and he was a man! I asked the girls if the teacher was older or younger than I am. They assured me that he was younger. But the twinnies always get things muddled in their little heads. In need of clarification, I said "Is the same age as I am, or is he Daddy's age?". Bethie got annoyed and "He was younger than you, like Daddy!".

Umm...just to set the record straight, Dan is older than I am .And the age difference increases with every one of his birthdays. Each year, Dan ages and I remain 27. Those are the rules. In fact, I insist on celebrating the anniversary of my 27th birthday every year. So, yeah, I'm younger than Dan.

I said to the twinnies, "How old is Daddy?". They responded "37". The follow up question was, "How old do you think I am????". Katie quickly replied "76!". Wrong! You lose! No dessert for you!!!

Second: When Sarah woke up this morning, it was still dark outside. Sarah, bless her little heart, is an early riser. When I heard her calling for me, I got out of bed and went to get her. She said "I'm hungry and thirsty and I want to watch TV".

I carried Sarah downstairs and deposited her on the couch. I went into the kitchen and put some milk in a sippy cup and got her a bowl of dry Cheerios. I went back into the living room, gave her the food, and sat down on the couch. Sarah said "I want to watch TV!". So, I got up again and went to turn on the TV (our remote hasn't worked in about a year thanks to the children). That's when I saw the time... 2:30am!

So, there you have it. I'm old and tired. And cranky.


Finola said...

But you look awesome for 76!
Your kids are soooo funny and cute!

Gwen said...

I DOOOO look awesome for a 76 year old!