Tuesday, January 18

Product Denouncement

The twinnies don't like lotions. Or creams. Or sunblock. They don't like any ointments smeared all over their bodies. They object. Loudly.

My twins have a touch of eczema. Not too badly. But badly enough that my mother had 15 fits when she saw them one day after school. Their little faces were beet red, seemingly a reaction to the wicked cold wind. I had to reassure Mum that they didn't look that way when I sent them to school. I applied some eczema cream to their faces, which cured the eczema with one application, and that was the end of that...or so I thought.

Mum came across an article in the newspaper about eczema. It recommended various creams to reduce eczema. Mum thought that her precious granddaughters deserved the recommended cream, despite me saying that it was expensive. She rushed out to the store, and agonized over which cream would be the absolute best one for their delicate little skin. And she bought it. Because she loves them. Dearly.

Last night, after their bath, I put the eczema cream on the children. They were livid. They screamed and yelled and cried and demanded to know why I would buy cream for them. I was tired. So I said, "I didn't buy it, Granny did. Complain to her!".

Bethie took my words to heart. She ran downstairs, found the camera, and brought it to me. She said, "I want you to take my picture and email it to Granny.". Katie, not wanting to miss out on a photo opportunity, jumped in the picture.

Apparently, the correct response to this is not to laugh hysterically. I, of course, acted very inappropriately. I'm sorry, but I find it really funny that my 5 year old twins decided that Granny needed to be taught a lesson. She needed to see the consequences of her actions. They believed that showing Granny their displeasure would be her punishment, and it would "correct" her behaviour. It's as though they are royal princesses from a time long, long ago. She's lucky that the twins didn't shout "Off with her head!".  And that made me laugh. Hmmm...I wonder if Mum will laugh?


Alicia said...

Haha that is hilarious! Wow, smart girls. I use the same cream for little E because he also has terribly try skin and a bit of eczema, but at his age he still likes it because he gets a mini-massage too :)

Bibliomama said...

Awesome. They are my first pick to not advertise anything I ever make. :)

Yabut said...

Oh,oh. My 6 year old grandson has eczema also, and I've been contemplating buying him some recommended cream for it too. Maybe I better not.

Gwen said...

Alicia: Bethie really led the protest against the cream. The other two would have been fine had it not been for Bethie's ...RAGE!

Bibliomama: LOL! I think Lubriderm or another similar company would simply LOVE this photo!

Yabut: Buy the cream. Kids don't get a vote. Katie and Sarah quickly got over it. Bethie holds on to things. She's still angry that we painted her room ...three years later!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Those girls know how to get what they want - I love it!

Lara said...

So out of curiosity, is the cream helping? :)

Gwen said...

Lara: I use Sprectro cream on their faces, and that stuff is AMAZING. But there is no way they would tolerate it on their bodies. It's just too thick. The Aveeno seems to help. It gives them some lasting moisture (into the next day). But, as I said, they don't have eczema TOO badly so it's hard to tell. I will be using the Aveeno for the duration of the winter. I think it's worth it (Bethie LOUDLY disagrees!)