Sunday, October 16

The Pumpkin Patch

To add complications to my life, I insisted that Dan and I take the children to the pumpkin patch...a couple of hours before we were expecting people for Thanksgiving dinner. Keep in mind that the turkey was not in the oven, I was supposed to be at home waiting to have my dishwasher installed, and I hadn't bought all the groceries I would need for the party. The children were eager. Dan was less than thrilled. But I need his brawn.

So off we went.

The twinnies pose for a photo.

Would it kill them to give me one nice group shot????

I told Bethie that each child had to carry their own pumpkin...

...Katie found one that was easier to manage.

(As it turns out, Dan and I each carried the massive pumpkins chosen by the twinnies, and Katie carried the little pumpkin that Sarah chose).

The twinnies didn't want to sit with me on the way back to the car. I was annoyed, but they felt rather "grown up".

When we returned to the car with the pumpkins, the children announced that they were dying of thirst and may possibly even die from starvation. I told them that we were 5 minutes from home and I would nourish them promptly. That's when I was informed that I was an inadequate mother, and that all they really needed was some pumpkin pie, sold conveniently at the gift shop. Ummm, no.

When we got home, the children placed their pumpkins on the porch and admired them...for 30 seconds. Then they announced that they needed more pumpkins, but not to worry, the ones from the grocery store would do.



Finola said...

Love it!
Sometimes I wonder why we bother with the big family outings. A trip to the grocery store is all they need, apparently!

Gwen said...

Exactly! But why can't they mentioned that BEFORE I've carried a massive pumpkin across a field, hauled it onto a tractor drawn wagon, and tried to keep it safe while bumping through the country side???

Yabut said...

And just think, the huge ones at Your Independent Grocer were just $2 each this past weekend. Unfortunately I was left alone to pick one, so I had to settle for one that I could lift out of the pile. Not so huge, and not the shape I was after, but still nice for just $2. Mind you, I didn't have all the fun you had! Maybe I can go with my grandsons if they haven't already been to the pumpkin patch this year.

Granny said...

You will be blessed in heaven - and not BEFORE!