Tuesday, October 18


Dan and I took the children for a walk around Mud Lake on Thanksgiving weekend.
The twinnies saw this sign:

They then informed me that dogs were not allowed to bicycle on the path...and then they skipped away. Because banning dogs from bicycling through the woods made sense to them. I would like us all to rally together and fight this ban. Because if there were bicycling dogs, I think they should be entitled to bicycle wherever they like!

I swear, the twinnies just naturally pose this. It cracks me up!

Sarah had no desire to stop for photos. Poor little girl, she's going to have a rough life if she doesn't accept that I demand frequent photos of my children. And they must be smiling.


Why do both Dan and Sarah react to me taking their picture as though I am the paparazzi? You'd think that they would be used to it by now!

Oh my God, I love autumn!!!

Why walk when you can dance?

Bethie couldn't help herself, she had to join in!

Katie is a budding photographer. I tried to warn her that Sarah is not the most willing subject, but she wouldn't listen to me.

The walk went well...LOUD...but well.


Alicia said...

LOL those silly bicycling dogs. I really love Mud lake - it's a beautiful walk!

Bibliomama said...

Where's Mud Lake?

Yeah - you'd think Boston Rob would WANT to be photographed more often. :)

Granny said...

Wish I'd been there - looks wonderful!