Monday, November 14

Halloween: In Pictures

Better late than never, right?

Carving pumpkins. Sarah and I are in charge of "directing the operation"... which means that we don't get dirty!


My two Harry Potters...Katie (left) and Bethie before school

Bethie, Sarah, and Katie. They wanted to stand in front of the decorations. I wanted them to stand in front of the lovely Burning Bush. Turns out the desire to go and beg the neighbours for candies far out weighed their aversion to the Burning Bush.

Dan, his parents, and the children. My parents and I were the ones on the sidelines, not in costumes, and shocked at the extent that Dan and his family would go to make Halloween magical!

Sarah became too tired to walk so she hitched a ride with a neighbourhood child.

Sarah and her grandmother looking at the "graveyard" that was in my front yard.
Dan's parents brought to our house a massive amount of life-like decorations that wowed the neighbourhood. My children were thrilled.  As I tucked them into bed, they told me "This was the best Halloween ever!".

I am now very worried about how I am supposed to top this next year...


Bibliomama said...

Yep - Dan's parents rock.

I'm only ever in charge of roasting the pumpkin seeds.

Singleton said...

I'm surprised your blog didn't feature more pictures of all the decorations glistening in the sunlight!