Monday, November 23

It Runs In The Family

Growing up, I thought my parents were stupid. It sounds harsh, but I had sooooo much evidence to back up my beliefs. They could never remember anything. They would rent videos that they had seen before, and wouldn't realise it until half way through the second viewing. Dad would make a promise to me, and I would have to get it in writing because he truly wouldn't remember the conversation ever happening. Dad would buy toilet paper in bulk. Every week. Whether we needed it or not. We were completely prepared for the toilet paper shortage that never happened. Our huge linen closet looked like the Loblaws Super Store toilet paper aisle. I couldn't understand how these two clever people functioned! Now, I do.

I used to be smart. Really. Then I got pregnant and lost all memory space in my brain. I have conversations with people and I don't remember having them at all. I'm not being difficult or daft. Just can't remember what has happened. I, too, have watched movies (and TV shows) that I've seen before. Can't remember a thing! Grocery shopping is a challenge. I've learned that there are certain items that I enjoy buying. Broccoli, paper towels, and milk. Like Dad, I am better stocked than the grocery store!

I went grocery shopping today. There was a deal. Three dozen eggs for $5. Great! I love a good deal! I started loading eggs into my cart. Then I envisioned Dan coming home from work and making some snide comment about all the eggs. I sighed, and put all but one dozen back. When I got home and unloaded my groceries, I discovered that I already had 2 dozen eggs in my fridge. Oops. I've numbered them in order that they need to be consumed, and I've added eggs to my "Think Before I Buy" list.

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