Friday, November 27

Sneaky Little Cupcakes!

Emile took a sick day. I stayed home with the children until about 10:30am. Dan arrived and he took care of them for the rest of the day. In the morning, the three girls and I baked cupcakes. The intention was that they would put frosting on the cupcakes in the afternoon with Dan. I also told him that there was still lots of batter in the fridge that he could bake. In the end, Dan didn't finish baking the cupcakes or frosting them. In the morning, I found out why. Turns out that the twins ticked Dan off so much that he refused to make icing.

Apparently, Dan put Sarah down for a nap. He then relaxed on the couch while the twins watched Treehouse. The intention was to let them watch TV for 30 minutes or so and then work on the cupcakes together. However, Dan fell asleep. He swears that he wasn't asleep for more that 15-20 minutes. The twins realised that he was asleep, and headed straight for the cupcake batter. They licked the bowl clean.

I wanted to find out what happened, from the girls perspective. Here is the conversation I had with Katie:

Me: What did Daddy say when you were eating the cake batter?
Katie: Nothing.
Me: Why didn't he say anything?
Katie: He was sleeping?
Me: How did you know he was sleeping?
Katie: We kept checking to make sure. And we were very quiet!

Devious little things, aren't they?!


Lara said...

Hilarious because it didn't happen to me ;) Were they sick?

Gwen said...

Nope. The twins were fine, except being upset about the lack of icing.