Monday, November 1

Bonding Through Pumpkin Carving

Dan bought three pumpkins, one for each girl. And the girls were happy with this until, one morning, they realised that Emilie had FIVE pumpkins on her front steps. Bethie was green with envy. She absolutely loves pumpkins. No worries, Dan and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch. They got to pick one more pumpkin each. Now, we had six pumpkins. Everyone was happy.

Yesterday, Dan decided to bond with the girls and carve the pumpkins. I wanted nothing to do with that mess. This was his big chance to be Super Dad. I thought it was a bit ambitious, but who am I to judge. I am simply the photographer.

Dan, in his infinite wisdom (yeah, not so much), decided to carve one pumpkin at a time. I would have given each girl their own pumpkin to "gut", but I guess the "Fight It Out And Splatter Each Other With Pumpkin Guts" way will work, too. And it did...for a while.

The thing is, carving six pumpkins takes a long a couple of hours. My children have the attention span of maybe 7.5 minutes, if we're lucky. This bonding exercise was more like Dan carving the pumpkins...

...while the kidlings lazed around watching Dora.

Dan, realising that he had been ditched by the children, asked me to help. Sadly, I had to decline. I didn't have an excuse, other than I didn't want to get dirty.

Anyway, Dan did a fine job on all six pumpkins.

You notice that there are only five pumpkins pictured. One of the candles blew out, and I couldn't be bothered to light it again. Turns out there is very little about pumpkins that interests me!


3LittleMonkeys said...

Great job on the pumpkins! I am like you, I can't be bothered with the kids making a HUGE mess with the pumpkins! I would rather just carve it myself and be done with it ;)

Lisa said...

Love the pumpkin story...but I can't stop smiling at the pic of sarah lying under the funny...I know that girl has a blanket or two