Tuesday, August 23

There Are Fairies In Our Garden...

The children are obsessed with fairies. This may be my fault. I told the children that the fairy statues in Granny's garden come to life when everyone is sleeping. I told them that the fairies dance around her garden, and you can see their twinkling lights.

Katie didn't believe me.

I said, "Didn't you see the twinkling lights outside the night you slept at Granny's?". Bethie swears that she did. She's a believer with a pure heart. Katie informed me that they were not allowed out at night and therefore didn't see any fairies.


I moved a couple of fairies and shouted, "LOOK! THE FAIRIES MOVED!". Bethie and Sarah were thrilled. Katie suggested that I had moved the fairies, even though I swore that I hadn't touched the fairies.

When we left Mum's, each girl shouted "Goodnight, Sweet Fairies".

The next morning, I was told by the children that we had to go to Granny's to see if the fairies had moved.

Oh, dear.

I called Mum up and told her to move the fairies. She informed me that she had, in fact, put the fairies back where they belonged. I told her that she had to move them where they didn't belong. So, Mum had to run out into her garden to move her ornamental fairies to the wrong spots. To please the children. And me. Which she did!

And now Katie believes in fairies, too.


The Fairiy Queen said...

So glad they believe that "there are fairies at the bottom of my garden", however - if they keep snapping the wings off my fairies (Dan included)the fairy Queen will seriously get pissed off!

Alicia said...

"To please the children. And me." Haha I was beginning to wonder if it was simply for your amusement :)

Bibliomama said...

Your Mom's funny.

Eve had a fairy who lived in the shelves at the head of her bed. Her name was Melia. I have to post about it, but when I think about it it still makes me cry, so I keep putting it off.