Monday, June 29

The Bouncy Thing

Last week, I was desperate to buy the kids one of those giant inflatable things that kids bounce on at the fair. I thought that my girls would love it! In addition, it was on sale at Toys 'R' Us. I thought this was a sign from the Gods that I should rush out and buy one.

Dan did not agree. He said that the bouncy thing was too expensive and too extravagant. He thought it would lure any remaining children in the neighbourhood that are not already accustomed to hanging out in our backyard. So, I was fiscally responsible and I didn't buy the bouncy thing.

On Saturday, we were all at Sean's house to celebrate Cory's 2nd birthday. Guess what Sean had in his backyard! A huge bouncy thing (Sean always goes big)! Katie and Bethie loved it. Poor Sarah was frantic to get in but we would not allow her because there were big boys bouncing too.
Sunday morning, Dan announced that we should get a bouncy thing. I called the store. They were no longer on sale. AHHHH! Why can't he buy things the second that I want them?! Undeterred, we went to the store and bought a Little Tikes Bounce and Slide.

The kids were very excited to use it. So excited, that they couldn't wait the 90 seconds for it to inflate:

Soon enough, the bouncy thing was inflated and the race was on to get in it. Sarah almost won because she started climbing in before it was completely inflated. Katie freaked (because she always has to be first) and snuck in the "back" entrance. Bethie was last, of course. She always is.

Once in, all three kids had a blast!


Lara said...

Your backyard is a kids' paradise with this bouncy thing and your play structure :)

Gwen said...

That's what all the neighbourhood children think too!