Monday, June 1

A Life of Leisure

I have always had strict "call times". With three young kids, there are only certain times throughout the day when it is acceptable to call. If a poor soul telephoned during a "do not call time", they were censured. Swiftly and harshly. I am a busy lady.

Almost two months ago, I decided not to go back to my job when my maternity leave ended. That's not to say that I don't intend to work. I simply would prefer a job with hours that don't annihilate me. Since I will be going back to work (eventually, is there any harm in taking the summer off?), I need to send the children to daycare to ensure I get to keep their places (I don't want to lose the $7/day spots that are across the street in a daycare run by a woman who adores my kids). This leaves me home alone all day (before you get too hot and bothered, remember that I haven't been alone in almost four years!).

The most noticeable effect of my not working is the amount of phone calls I receive. My phone rings all the time. Morning, noon, and night. Most conversations begin the same way:

Me: Hello
Friend: Hey, how's the life of leisure going?
Me: Great (until the phone rang for the billionth time).
Friend: Well, since you're not doing anything, can you....?

Of course, I do what is asked because I don't feel inclined to answer the follow-up question to "No, I can't do that", which is "What are you doing?" (the answer is "Nothing. Not a damn thing. No plans to do anything either. Just going to read my book until 20 minutes before Dan gets home from work, then frantically clean in order to trick him into thinking that I've had a hard day too and need some pampering").

I have never been so busy in all my life! The days just fly by. I am so tired of "just pippity popping" all over the place. The "tipping point" was when Mum's retired friend told me to run back to a store I had just left (errand #1) to buy a bird bath for Mum (errand #2) because
  1. I wasn't "doing anything"
  2. Because the bird bath was freakin' heavy
  3. It was pouring rain

That made it a perfect job for moi! Ummm, thanks. I did go and buy that bird bath though because

  1. I wasn't "doing anything" (that couldn't be put off a bit)
  2. Because the bird bath was freakin' heavy
  3. It was pouring rain
  4. Mum would do it for me

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