Thursday, June 11

The Experienced Mother

When we had the twins, Dan and I new nothing about how to be parents. We were thrown into a world of sleep deprivation, endless work, and absolute confusion. Too soon after having the twins, our focus became surviving parenthood instead of mastering it. We did our best.

We had been blessed with delicate babies, at birth weighing only 5 pounds (Bethie) and 4 pounds (Katie). They were so little and so helpless. They relied on us to provide the basics: love, shelter, clothing and food.

And we did it with zest, abundance, and enthusiasm. Here are my babies at about 13 months:

The twins have taught me a lot about being a mother. They have taught me (or rather, demanded of me) patience. They have taught me to take a deep breath and relax. They have also taught me moderation.

Here is a picture of Sarah at the same age:

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