Sunday, June 14

Holy Bethie

Bethie loves church. Although we don't go very often, she seems to really absorb everything that is said while we are there. I guess she ponders it afterwards too. The other day, we were driving and out of the blue (as far as I could tell), she said "God is all around us". That caught me off guard. After a long pause due to my speechlessness, I was able to say "You're quite right, Bethie".

Today, I was doing up her car seat buckles, just the way she likes them done up (she's a very particular child) and I said "Bethie, what would you do if I just disappeared of the face of this Earth? Who would ever know you as well as I do?". Without missing a beat, my baby said "God". Then I started feeling guilty that I didn't take her to church today. I've decided that Bethie needs some volunteers to take her to church when I am "unable". Any offers?

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