Monday, August 31

Little Treasures

Dan came home from work the other day. He left his boots in front of the chair where he had peeled them off his feet. He took off his great big work belt, attached to it all of his special clips, and left it on the living room table. Then he headed upstairs to change. I told him to remove the belt from the table. He said he would... later. That's his favourite word. He sincerely means "I'll do it later". I've learned that "later" seldom comes. For whatever reason, I was feeling rather pleasant so I did not heave his belongings up the stairs after him as I have been known to do. Nor did I touch the belt at all. I left it there.

That evening as we were cleaning up, Dan asked me where his clips for his belt went. These clips are rather important. First of all, these clips attach the work belt to his regular belt. Secondly, they are used to attach whatever tools he may need throughout the course of his day to his work belt. And Dan had lost them. I had no idea where they went. Also, I seem to have recovered from the "pleasantness" I had experienced earlier (From time to time, "pleasantness" infects me. It has even been known to last 24 hours, although most bouts only last a couple of minutes. However, the older I get, the fewer "relapses" I have). I said to my loving husband "I have no idea where your clips are. I have better things to do with my time than hide your things!". He asked me to set them aside if I came across them. I promised I would but I had no intention of looking for the clips. I already have three children that demand that I hunt down various items daily. Dan needs to learn to fend for himself.

Needless to say, I didn't find the clips. The next morning, Dan left for work and I got the children up and on their way. The girls had been fed, cleaned, dressed, and brushed. I grabbed Sarah and her bag, and instructed the twins to carry their own bags. As we walked to daycare, Bethie said "Is Daddy wearing his suit?" She meant uniform. I told her that he was. Then she asked "Is it falling off?". I became suspicious. I asked her "Why?". She responded "Because I have all of Daddy's clips in my bag!".

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