Wednesday, August 5

Quote Worthy

Big Sarah and I were in Merrickville a couple of weeks ago. We went into a shop that seemed to specialize in famous or touching quotes. These quotes were painted or embroidered on any available surface. This is my idea of Heaven. I absolutely love quotes. Whenever I see a good one, I write it on a Post-It note and stick it somewhere on my walls. This is not a habit that Dan enjoys. He doesn't feel that neon yellow Post-It notes are appropriate "artwork" for our home. Nor do they match the decor. This doesn't stop me. I simply love a good quote.

So, Big Sarah and I were in this store. I don't know what she was doing, but I was reading every quote I could come across. A couple I even wrote down so I could transfer them to Post-It notes when I got home. There was one quote in particular that seemed to be the summation of my adult life. It captured my "essence". It conveyed the deepest emotions of my soul. In one sentence, my "truth" was articulated. It read:

"I understand the importance of cooking and cleaning, just not how it relates to me".

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