Wednesday, August 12

The Wonderful Saint Daniel

The other day, Big Sarah asked me what movie star do I wish I could be with. She had obviously given this some thought, weighed the pros and cons of numerous celebrities, and settled on the perfect man. Who was he? I can't remember. I was too focused on the fact that I had no idea who most of these stars that Sarah was talking about were. I couldn't come up with a name. How boring of me!

I was driving to the grocery store today trying to think about who I would pick to be my movie star husband. I like Harry Connick Jr in "Hope Floats", but he's too rural for me. I like how smart the character "Josh" is in the "West Wing", but he's always at work. I like Hugh Grant (I had to google his name) in "About A Boy" , but I wouldn't actually want to spend any time with him. Then I started to think about characters in books. No one was "perfect". So, being me, I created my own character. These are his most important traits:
  1. He has to be funny.
  2. He has to lack almost all ambition. I don't want to be with someone who would rather be "climbing the ladder" or was always wanting more. But do have a job!
  3. He has to be super good to my kids.
  4. He has to be smarter than I am. I really like to be around smart people.
  5. He has to cook (if he wants to eat). Let's face it, I'm hardly a "domestic goddess".

I compared Dan to my wish list. He was almost a complete match (okay, I admit it, I think I'm smarter than Dan. However, I think I'm smarter than almost everyone, so that's not really an insult. I know for a fact that Dan thinks he smarter than I am. Yeah, I don't see why either). I was so pleased that Dan did so well on my list! I didn't need a movie star husband. I have perfection at home!

On the way home from the grocery store, I added one more necessary trait to my list.

6. After he uses my debit card, PUT IT BACK IN MY WALLET!


Anonymous said...

My movie star husband is Kevin Costner. Just remember he is my movie husband only because in real life he is probably just like any other male, they always seem to forget how good thehave it.

Gwen said...

You go for gills behind the ears? I was thinking perhaps Aidan Quinn for myself, but only if he speaks to me with his Irish accent!