Wednesday, February 2

The Blending Bond

Katie is home sick. Again. Dan asked me if it's possible that she won't "pass" kindergarten because she has had so many sick days. I informed him that kindergarten is optional. Besides, Bethie has been soooo good about coming home and teaching Katie everything she has learned throughout the day. For instance, Bethie came home yesterday and announced that the class "didn't learn anything today". That was very reassuring.

When I keep Katie home from school, I also keep Sarah home from daycare. This way they can entertain each other and I am free to read my book or muck about on the computer. Good plan, eh?!

Yesterday, Katie and Sarah decided that they wanted to make fruit smoothies. I said that they could because Katie has stopped eating. If she will consume a smoothie, I consider that a victory.

Katie and Sarah each took turns dropping the fruit into the blender. Katie shouted out commands to Sarah, "More bananas! Sarah, get some strawberries! Faster!". Sarah did what she was told. When it was time to blend the fruit, the fighting began.

Both girls wanted to be the one to push the button on the blender. Sarah was louder, so she won. However, she found the blender to be "too loud" and refused to allow the fruit to be blended. Katie had to think fast:

Together, Sarah and Katie got the job done. It reminded me of the Wonder Pets who sing, "What's gonna work? TEAM WORK!".

And this would be a very endearing story had I not put down the camera and noticed that Katie was applying such force to Sarah's head that I thought it may explode.


3LittleMonkeys said...

Awww...poor girl, hope she feels better soon so she can go back to school and learn...nothing!

That is one reason I'm so glad I had my kids so close together...they can entertain each other while I blog ;)

Gwen said...

I really like having the three girls only 2.5 years apart. They DO entertain each other. The only trouble comes when I leave Bethie (it's always Bethie) "in charge". When Katie objects, I say that Bethie is the oldest and, therefore, she gets to be the boss. This drives Katie crazy. Ohhh what a difference 60 seconds makes, eh?

Carly said...

Too funny! Sorry to hear Katie is under the weather - hope she feels better soon. I love the quick thinking. Priceless!

Lara said...

That's great teamwork! Doesn't look like Sarah was inclined to stop her task just because Katie was applying a bit too much pressure though :) It's better than her shoving her in a cupboard and locking her in right? ;)

Gwen said...

Lara: LOL! It's soooo funny that you should say that! The reason I stopped taking pictures was because Sarah stopped pushing the button on the blender. Apparently, having her head in a vice (Katie's hands) proved to be rather distracting, so that she could no longer do anything else but stand there hoping the pain would cease!