Tuesday, February 15

Feeding The Birds

The whole family has been sick. I was quite pleased because I managed to dodge most of the sickness that has infested our home...until this last week. Now, I am wicked sick, but the sympathy has been used up. So, I tried to plan activities this weekend that would require as little effort on my part as possible.

I decided that we should feed the birds. When I say "we", I meant everyone except me. I'm not a huge fan of "wildlife". I took the photos...

The girls, Katie with the bird

Sarah trying to tempt a bird

Dan and Sarah

Sarah did, in fact, have birds come to her...I just wasn't quick enough to get any photos of it

Mum proved to be an expert!

Dan and Katie

Katie was quite good at standing still




Bethie. Remaining quiet and still isn't exactly her forte...

....however, Bethie excelled at pulling Sarah on the toboggan!


Pam said...

Those photos are great and the kids look adorable. Hope you feel better soon!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Sorry to hear you are sick! UGH. Great photos...can't believe those birds come right up and take the food from your hand!

Helene said...

Wow, that's crazy that the birds landed that close to your girls!!! My kids always end up chasing the birds around here and then wonder why they fly away!

Great pictures!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Alicia said...

Great pictures! Hope you get well soon.

Gwen said...

Ladies: I am heavily medicated. I have stopped reading the labels on the packages of cold medicines, and have just taken two of everything. I'm starting to feel better... Thanks!