Friday, February 11

Following Orders

This cold winter has been very harsh on my children's skin. The skin on their faces and hands becomes very red and hard. I've been using Spectra Jel Eczema Care, and that does a tremendous amount of good. However, I try to do my best to prevent outbreaks.

Everyday, the twins come home from school with soaking wet gloves. I have explained to the little darlings that wet gloves will exasperate their eczema. I send them to school with extra gloves so they can switch if their gloves become wet. They never do.

Yesterday, I was particularly concerned. I asked the children to refrain from playing in the snow before the bus comes in the morning. This way, their gloves would be dry when they arrived at school. And I would feel better.

The twins thought this was a well thought out idea. They said that I was most clever and they would wait until recess to play in the snow. With their promises not to go in the snow, I ushered them out the front door saying that I was going to get Sarah some more milk and then I would be right out.

It took about 90 seconds to get Sarah her milk. I walked out the front door and saw:

I shouted, "You weren't supposed to go in the snow!"

Bethie looked up at me and said "Oh. I forgot".

Yeah, right.


Alicia said...

Classic mistake. Opps. Haha. I think I might try out this Spectra.

Gwen said...

It is a TYPICAL mistake!!! :)

Spectra Jel Eczema Care for Infants is simply the most wonderful product on Earth. My friend, Lisa, introduced me to it, and I thank God she did. It is AMAZING!

Bibliomama said...

*snort*. The snow -- it calls to us.