Wednesday, June 8

The Dress

My children love clothes. The love to wear dresses, and to look pretty, and to twirl like princesses. They really love crinoline.

The summer of 2008, the twinnies wore these dresses all the time:

And it's funny because I had a newborn. In comparison, the twinnies seemed so much older, so much more competent, so much more independent.

And then this happened:

The "newborn" now fits into the dress.

I am shocked at how quickly time passes...


Double the Giggles said...


Bibliomama said...

Oh! I know - I remember how grown-up Angus seemed when I had Eve. Then I found a picture of him standing beside her as a baby. He's wearing a red sleeper and holding a banana. And HE still looks like a baby.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Awwww....they grow up so fast. At the time it seems like forever, but then poof, time is gone :(