Monday, June 20

For The Love of Dan...

For Mother's Day, the twinnies made me presents at school. The kindergarten teacher was most clever. She gave each child a glass, had them paint it, and ...voila... a vase! I love mine. Every couple of days, we head into our gardens and look for pretty flowers to cut. The twinnies are thrilled with themselves.

Last week, the twinnies came home from school and announced that they were making key chains at school for Father's Day. I thought this was a super idea, and I was excited for both the twinnies and Dan. Key chains are something that are used every day. Imagine the pride the twinnies would feel when they saw their Daddy heading off for work with the key chains that they made. They are more "tokens of love" than they are "key chains"...

Sunday morning, the twinnies were super excited. They grabbed their presents and hauled their father out of bed. He was then presented with his key chains:

Need a closer look?

Yup, that's a stir stick for paint that has been "fancied up". Better still, Dan got two of them!

It's kinda impossible for Dan to walk into work looking "cool" while carrying these. It looks like he stole the bathroom keys from a (very fancy) gas station. How will anyone take him seriously with the painter's sticks handing out of his pocket?

Want to know the worst bit? I think the key chains are super cool and I want them desperately!!!!

Anyway, Dan was thrilled with the key chains.

Then it was time for Sarah and I to give Dan our gifts.

I could have given Dan some shirts, which he would have appreciated. I could have given him a waffle maker, which he didn't particularly want but I was sure that he would like. I could have given him a night out, sans enfants, which he would have loved.

I thought and thought and thought about what Dan would like. And then I gave up because he doesn't really need anything. I, however, have a long list of needs and wants and wishes and whims.

So, Sarah and I got Dan these flower boxes:

In case you are wondering, the flower boxes weren't originally purple. They had to be painted that way (left over paint from the front door). We tend to live our life "in a rainbow of colours" .... Mum says that we're just tacky!


Another Sarah said...

I disagree! Those aren't tacky, they're lovely. And I'd like to place an order for some key chains myself... those are pretty fancy looking!

Bibliomama said...

Ha! I love the purple flower boxes. Once when I hosted book club, one of the childless women looked around at the rainbow of colours and the glitter on everything and said "it's like mardi gras every day around here". I'm not sure she meant it as a compliment, but I took it as one anyway.

Gwen said...

Another Sarah: When the twinnies are making me some key chains, I'll have them do some for you, too. Custom made!!!

Bibliomama: I would be THRILLED if someone sais that my house looked like mardi gras everyday. That's a GREAT compliment! After having kids, I learned that love comes in colour.

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said... the key chains! Yes, they do remind me of a gas station keychain ;) Oh well, I love the gifts that the kids make, they are so special, even if they occupy the bottom of a drawer for the rest of my life!

Mum said...

I didn't say they were Tacky - they were just very Ursacki!
Besides, Tullio, who prides himself on his work, make them from Western Red Cedar - only the best for you - and you PAINTED them !!! - PURPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

I was laughing out loud at your comparison to the gas station key ring. :) Too cute!

Finola said...

I too snort laughed at the gas station key and trying to look cool :)