Friday, July 15


Back in May, Mum, Sarah and I were in Canadian Tire. And this caught Sarah's eye:

Sarah carried it around the store, and told us over and over that it was her "purse". When it was time to leave, Mum broke down and bought it for Sarah (after Sarah broke down when I told her that I was not buying it for her).

When we got home, we discovered that it came with seeds...which Sarah wanted to plant.

But there were quite a few seeds (beans and pumpkins), so we decided that the twinnies should plant some, too.

After the planting was completed, I told the children that the seeds had to be watered.

Which they did. For about an hour. Until I thought that every single seed would definitely drown.

And then they never watered them again.

I watered all the little pots. Every night. I even (briefly) contemplated planting the pumpkins in my gardens to give them a fighting chance. But I decided not to because they take up too much space, and Bethie had already suckered me in to planting a watermelon that I am sure won't thrive. Most of the beans made it into the garden though.

There were some beans still remaining in the little pots. I stopped watering them. They were a nuisance, and a hassle, and an eye sore. Finally, I decided to throw them out. And that's when I saw that they had produced beans.

Once informed, the children rushed out to pick the beans.

And then they got to eat them for dinner.

At first, I was happy. My little urbanites got to experience planting, caring for, growing, harvesting, and eating the fruits of their labour.

And then it occurred to me: I did the vast majority of the work.

This is sort of like the story of The Little Red Hen...but with a socialist twist.


Lara said...

but isn't it fun to eat veggies you grew yourself? :)

Mum said...

Well, now you can say that you've "bean there and done that" and you'll never have to do that again!

Gwen said...

Lara: I think that we'll stick with flowers.

Mum: I have "bean there", and will never go there again...unless the little cherubs sucker me into it growing beans once more!

Lara said...

It's so funny because I have ZERO desire to plant flowers. What a waste. At least with vegetables i get something yummy to eat ;)

Sallie said...

The finer things in life are never a waste! Flowers, music, dancing in the rain, pretty hats - it's not all about your tummy!