Sunday, July 17

The End of The Stress

One of my rose bushes was "stressed".

The leaves turned yellow and fell off, leaving a big empty spot. Google suggested that I water the roses more deeply, and create shade around the bush.

Google didn't have any helpful advice to get rid of the Japanese Beetles that have attacked my bushes year after year. They aren't particularly harmful to the plant, but the beetles drive me crazy! So crazy that I even have nightmares about them during the winter months.

Many people don't notice the beetles. In fact, my neighbours came over just the other day and went on and on about how much they enjoy looking at my roses. I thanked them. It was kind of them to compliment me on my garden. But it was too late. I already had a plan.

My neighbours left, and I called Dan outside. I told him how I wanted him to deal with my "stressed" roses.

He was shocked, but did what he was told.

And that was the end of that rose bush.

I hope the other four bushes have taken noticed. I don't handle "stress" well.

1 comment:

Sallie said...

Oh Wendy! There must have been an easier way :(
It was such a gorgeous bush! What a shame