Wednesday, July 6

Enid Blyton's Lives!

As I mentioned earlier, Dan had failed me by purchasing the wrong hats for the children. Mum came through...

My grandmother would have loved this!


And the obligatory shot of them dancing.

Sarah started to lose interest in the hat. Apparently, she does not accessorize for my amusement. 

After Mum and I took these photos, we wanted to see what the hats would look like with the sea as a backdrop. The sea is a bit far away. We settled for the Ottawa River.

And let me tell you, the hats looked GORGEOUS!


The group shot.

And Sarah's hat?

Heaved onto the beach.

Sigh. Two out of three ain't bad.


Bibliomama said...

They look like they're about to swan off and have a picnic with crisps and ginger beer. Nicely done, Mom.

Mum said...

Thank you very much! Actually its orange squash and cucumber sandwiches but crisps and ginger beer is good too! I'm so glad you approve!